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has a history dating back nearly a century when its predecessor, Varney Speed Lines was formed in 1934 to ferry passengers and airmail in the south-west of America. The name of the company was changed to Continental Airlines in 1937 and since then it has continued to expand its operations throughout the United States and into Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, serving passengers and maintaining the high standards of excellence they had come to expect. Continental began to expand its fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft and its international routes dramatically in the early 2000s culminating in its merger in 2010 with United Airlines .

The new entity, United Continental, or United as it was later named, is the second-largest airline in the world by fleet size. However, in terms of passenger numbers United is definitely the largest airline in the world flying hundreds of millions of passengers to destinations all over the world. Moreover with 702 aircraft at its disposal, and one of the largest order books of any airline in the world, United has state-of-the-art facilities for its passengers with a whole range of seats and unparalleled service through its website.

This combination of the two airlines into one entity means that United can take advantage of both the airlines expertise, and the combined size of the two entities means that it can offer passengers direct savings on their flights and holidays through their negotiating prowess and extensive cost-cutting measures introduced over the last decade. Moreover, the variety of holidays, flights, car rentals and special deals with major hotel groups around the world means that Continental airlines is normally the first port of call when booking a holiday or a business trip.

Continental Airlines Reservations

However that doesn’t mean that United has forgotten its roots and the fact that it has the most employees of any airline in the world means that it pays heed to the fact that customer service is key to maintaining happy passengers and safe and frequent services throughout the world. This coupled with the merging of their free to enrol award winning Air Miles programs of both the airlines means that passengers will get even further discounts and more choice.

Continental Airlines has state-of-the-art facilities for its passengers including Internet connectivity in their aeroplanes, some of the largest seats in each class, including for business travelers fully reclining bed seats, in-flight catering and services, a whole host of shopping that one can do while one is flying and entertainment centers in the aircraft that have the latest films, television shows and music to keep everyone busy.

The merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines
The traditions of both the airlines and been kept alive throughout, and after the merger and over the last several years United has gone from strength to strength, offering passengers not only more comfort in their flights, but also package vacations and a whole host of other services at affordable prices. Thus, with a network that covers over 250 destinations throughout the world, discounts for any type of holiday and all the ancillary services to make it a truly memorable trip, continental airline has everything you need under one roof –