10 ways to see Southeast Asia without breaking the bank

Southeast Asia has many interesting things to see and experience, and I’m ready to call any country there “my home” at any time, even tomorrow. Visiting this region doesn’t mean you have to go broke, so here are 10 tips to help you have a good time on a limited budget.

Avoid the taxi scam
No matter where you go, a taxi is always a comfortable way of commuting, but Southeast Asian countries are well known for their taxi scams. Research ahead of time about how much is the fare, and about how much to pay to reach your destinations. Agree on a price before getting in!

Learn about any other scams
Tourists get scammed everywhere, but not everyone will perform the same tricks, everywhere. Search for the most common scams in SE Asia, and your country of destination before you get there, from other tourists or expats. These 2 tips should be used for any other country in the world as well.

Use the WiFi
There are very few people without a smartphone or a tablet. While SIM cards are cheap in this region, you could save a bit more by using the free WiFi found almost everywhere. Communication is cheaper over the internet, and you even have apps that don’t need connectivity.

Try to travel off-season
Just like flying, traveling off-season is a way to save money. Make sure not to go there during the monsoon though. April is generally the hottest time of the year for most countries here.

Snatchers or thieves
They’re very common in Southeast Asia, and they’re good at it. You must always watch your luggage, bag, camera and phone. Wear them cross-body and have your hands on them at all times. You’ll obviously save money if you won’t have to pay for new stuff to replace the stolen goods.

Learn how to haggle
Everyone haggles in SE Asia, and it’s usually tourists who pay more. Just try and be reasonable when offering the lowest as you might not win. Walking away could convince sellers to accept your offer – nobody wants to lose a customer. Be aware of the stuff you can’t haggle for, like street food.

Bring your own sunscreen and deodorant
These products might either be too expensive or hard to come by. They might not even cater to your body’s needs if you’re not Asian.

Buses are cheap
Read a few travel blogs about SE Asia, and all of them will tell you the same thing. What’s more is that you can actually hop on the VIP buses that are slightly more pricey, but the you’ll also have a better traveling experience. The same applied to any local form of transportation.

Use the cheapest airline possible
A good airline is AirAsia for it’s a budget friendly one while flying most destinations. Why choosing a more expensive one if yo want to save money?

Street food is cheap
Not only street food is cheap, but also delicious and you have less chances of getting sick. This is because you see exactly how’s done, what does it contain and is fresh and delicious. Can you say the same about a restaurant? We forgot to mention, this is how you better experience the local culture.