16 rules of airtiquette: Airport edition

It seems that not everyone knows how to behave in an airport. If you never went there before, you might not know what to expect and how some things are done. If you don’t want others to think badly of you, follow these 16 rules and you’ll be golden.

Prepare your documents
You don’t like to wait in line, and you like things to be as easy as pie. Do yourself a favor and prepare your documents before your turn comes.

Be cooperative
No matter what happens at the security checkpoint try to cooperate to save time and avoid making everyone angry.

How do you pack your liquids?
Learn about which liquids you’re allowed to take with you, and pack them accordingly.

Pack lightly
Not only will you pay less fess, but you will also spend less time checking everything in. Pay attention to what you’re packing and don’t bring in illegal items.

Pay attention to your laptop
You must place your laptop or tablet in a place that is easy to access as all electronics must be inspected separately. You’ll thank yourself later after you’ll see how fast checking is was.

Pay attention to your clothes
Since 9/11 rules have toughened and those who intend to fly need to dress down before the scanning gate. Do everyone a favor and put on clothes that are easy to remove and put back on and reduce the number of accessories.

Place everything in the bins
Assuming you’re close to the trays, grab two and place your clothes in one and your electronics in the other. Make sure you pass through the screening empty handed.

Traveling as a family is not easy
This is why you need to decide in advance who is holding what, plus the order you’ll go through the scanner gates. You’ll make things easier for everyone.

Be polite about charging your device
It is really rude to unplug another person’s gadget just because its battery is full and you need to charge your own. Identify the owner and ask for permission. You wouldn’t want someone else unplugging your phone either.

Stay in line
You don’t like when people cut in front of you in a queue, so don’t do it to others either. You can only do so if you really signed up for a special boarding program.

Don’t hog a whole row of seats
Standing while waiting is unpleasant, but it is very rude to occupy a whole row of seats next to the gates.

Learn the boarding process
Depending on airline, a different area will be checked in first. If you want to be the early bird on plane, learn which area is allowed in first, and book a seat there.

Don’t linger
Lingering in the jetway will only delay the flight and make everyone uncomfortable for no reason. Skip this activity.

Switching seats
If you really hate where your seat is, wait until everyone got on board before asking if you could be switched.

Don’t try to sneak illegal stuff
Do some research and find out if there are any illegal items at your destination and avoid bringing them.

Make sure to arrive on time
Make sure to arrive at the airport on time – nobody wants to wait on a late passenger.