6 tips for making the most of your time in sea port

Most people that g on a cruise do so because they want to see as many cities as possible in the shortest possible amount of time. The time a ship stays in a port is rather limited to a few hours, and if you want to make the best of it, here you have 6 tips to help you out.

Go on a planned tour, or one you made up?
This is something you must decide in advance as both have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, you might want to see something that is off the beaten path and you could only do this if you plan your own sightseeing tour. Going on an arranged tour means you’ll pay more but at the same time you will not worry about various little details, such as the way there.

How much time do you have
Without saying, this is probably one of the most aspects of a cruise you need to think about. Once you’re on shore, and you go exploring it is easy to get lost and risk not make it back in time. This is one of the reasons for which you could opt for an organized tour, if available.

How many ships will there be in the port
This is an important detail you should not skip because it will also indicate just about how busy the port is. If you thought you can’t possibly find this out, you’re wrong, because there are a few sites that can tell you this info. Some attractions will be busier than others, based on how many tourists there are.

Don’t spread yourself too thin
Your experience will be better remembered if you manage to enjoy your time in the port rather than having the impression you’re on the run. Choosing to see not more than 3 attractions might not sound like much fun as compared to 5 or 6, but reality will always be a bit different and trying to squeeze to many things in so little time will almost mean you didn’t see a thing. This is something many seasoned tourists can tell you.

Be flexible
Perhaps you really want to see that one place, but when you reach it you discover it is closed for renovations. While this is not something you can really change, it doesn’t mean you can’t go see something that is equally interesting. If there is not much to do in the port you could always return on deck and relax in a more private setting – everyone else is most likely exploring. If you don’t want to be on board, trying some local specialty food is always a good alternative.

Research the port
This should be the first thing you’re going to do before you even set foot on the ship. Find out how far the attractions are from the dock as well as the type of attractions they are – museums, shopping, restaurants. You’ll be able to tell faster if the stop is worth the time, while helping you concentrate more exactly on what you want to see.