Aliante Casino Hotel Spa

Reasons to Visit Aliante Casino Hotel Spa (Nevada)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

The Aliante hotel seems to gather everything found in Las Vegas. You can try and win some buck in the casino, get a relaxing massage at the spa, or simply rent a room to sleep the night or the day away. However most guests go here for these top 5 things to do in Aliante Casino Hotel Spa  (Nevada).

Soak up the sun by the pool
You can choose a private cabana or a very comfortable lounge chair. You’ll be able to enjoy some ice cold drinks and cocktails, and the sight of palm trees. Spending some time by the pool couldn’t be more relaxing or elegant.

Place your bets
The Aliante own race and sports room where you’ll find your find your preferred games and races to bet on. Dog, horse, fights, and not only, are the main categories of events that can help you win big or cause an equally big loss.

Eat something delicious
While Aliante has several places where you can eat delicious food, you might want to stop at Bistro 57. This is the place where you can easily enjoy dishes from all over the world without having to travel there, or search for a restaurant with specific cuisine.

Attend a concert
Las Vegas offers the ideal scene for musicians. Of course, singers and bands will not always hold a show here, so you must check in advance to see what you will be able to enjoy. Other than concerts, several types of events also take place here. Aliante offers easy access to all of them.

Organizing a party
There are countless people who want to really party in Vegas. By organizing a party at ALiante, this is exactly what those people will get. The party can be a wedding’s reception, a birthday party, or any other type of anniversary.