What To Ask Before You Book A Cruise – 10 Questions – Part 2

Question 6: What type of tours are offered at each port destination for the guests? If, looking to save money you could book these on your own, but keep in mind that you will need to be certain to be back onto the cruise line at departure. Often times, if the tour is included with the cruise, and it is running late, then the captain will wait for their guests to return. However, if you select to explore on your own, then typically it is up to you to get back on time yourself, so making that choice in advance could help to avoid any late arrivals back to the ship.

Question 7: Are there any special discount rates for before and after hotel stays? While you will want to find the best rate for the hotel on your own to ensure your getting the best savings possible, you might also qualify for these additional savings when you ask. Furthermore, some hotels might even let you keep your car there if you ask them, which could help save with the port parking fees.

Question 8: Can we book our entire transportation needs with the cruise line? While some cruise lines will let you take care of all the details with them, keep in mind that there are going to be additional costs for this convenience. For that reason, if your trying to save on your expenses it might be a better option to book everything on your own. However, before deciding on this, you should compare their prices to the ones you located, even mentioning these lower rates to them might spark them to provide a match discount so you still save and have the added convenience combined.

Question 9: What are your terms and conditions relating to refunds and deposits? Many cruise lines will require that a deposit of at least $300 be put down towards the trip, with the balance due no later than 90 days before the departure is to happen. However, you want to make certain that if you do need to cancel the trip that you will not be facing a penalty charge for doing so.

Question 10: How much will my fuel surcharge be, and exactly what is this specific charge? Due to the rise in fuel many cruise lines are now passing these charges off to their customers to compensate for the cost to operate the ship. Typically each person will have to pay this fee regardless if it is a group event or not. Furthermore, the cost will be determined based upon how many passengers are going to be using each of the cabins, and how many days they will be using them. Keep in mind that the cruise lines do specify that they have the right to increase this price at any time.

When it comes to booking a cruise trying to take care of all the little extra details to ensure you get the best price, could be a very stressful task to complete. However, simply by using some of our tips we mentioned here today could help to greatly simplify the entire process for you. Finally, we suggest that you also make a checklist of things that cross your mind while planning your trip, to help ensure you mention every thing you expect for this cruise to be as pleasant as possible for you and all your guests, to help ensure that you make happy memories that will last a life time.