What To Ask Before You Purchase The Vacation Package 10 Questions – Part 2

Question 6. What is your peak season? This could be one of your most important questions, because in peak season the prices are the highest and also the busiest. To avoid paying the high prices you could book slightly off season, by booking off season by just a few weeks you can save a ton of money.

Question 7. What is the refund and deposit policy? You want to know this in advance as if there are any unexpected circumstances, and you cannot make the trip you need to know you won’t lose your money. Some companies will keep your deposit even if you cancel with plenty of notice, a reputable company won’t usually do this. For that reason, asking this question ahead of time, will help to avoid any misunderstandings should the trip need to be canceled.

Question 8. Do you cater for pets? This question could return with a good, or bad answer depending on your view. Some people prefer to stay away from packages that allow pets, while others love to take their pets along, so either way you may want to ask this question.

Question 9. Do you take credit cards? Yet another important question, most reputable companies and agencies take credit cards. If, the answer is no then you may want to rethink booking, as credit cards usually offer the greatest protection when making large purchases.

Question 10. What does my vacation package include? The reason behind this question is that you really want to know what is included, even special type of discounted rated packages don’t necessarily cover everything. A good package would include flights, transportation, parking, hotel accommodation, and sometimes even meals, or at least breakfast. With that said, at least finding out this specific information ahead of time can help you to plan for these extra’s, and carry additional cash for them.

When purchasing a vacation package it can be extremely important to ask several questions. By following our list here you shouldn’t end up out of pocket like those who don’t ask first, and find out later they have been seriously over charged. Knowing all this information before hand lets you now exactly how to budget your package, so you can enjoy your vacation stress free.