What To Ask Before You Purchase The Vacation Package 10 Questions

When you first purchase your vacation package there are certain questions you should be asking. You may not realize at first, but by asking just a few simple questions can be the difference in getting a surprisingly good package and a not so good one. For that reason, here are ten questions you should ask before making that final purchase.

Question 1. What discounts do you give? You may be surprised, just by asking this question some have got 20% or more off the listed price. Some agencies do not list any discounts, so calling direct and asking can turn in your favor.

Question 2. What is the total bill including fees? This is an important question because you want to know about all the extras that are not usually mentioned, and this can lead to an unpleasant surprise. There are often hidden fees, which don’t show up until your final bill, like cleaning, gratuities, and tax as well as others.

Question 3. What are the amenities that we get with our package? Although there may be a brochure showing all amenities, what they don’t tell you is that not all rooms may have these amenities. All amenities may only be available for the most expensive suites.

Question 4. Do we get free parking passes or beach passes? This can cost a lot if you have to pay daily for parking, likewise for the private beach access. Keeping that thought in mind, it’s good to know up front if you have to pay for these. Also ask for any other free passes, for instance to shows or concerts.

Question 5. What time can we check in, and what time would we have to leave by? Again an important question because if you turn up too early, or leave too late you could be charged for this. This is usually because they allocate a certain time frame in order to get your room ready.