Banner Resort & Country Club

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Banner Resort & Country Club

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

Golf lovers and players may have a hard time finding a good golf course. The one at the Banner Resort and Country Club has 18 holes waiting for players to try it out. Here are 5 reasons we should go to Banner Resort & Country Club to try out our luck.

Anyone can host a tournament here
With more than 200 acres in Connecticut’s countryside, you can be sure everyone attending will have a good time while breathing some fresh air. This location is perfect for both golfing and handicap levels as it provides an interesting and challenging experience. The event must be booked in advance.

Have something to eat or drink
Jack’s Place Cafe is a really nice place to go for a nice lunch or dinner during the week, or to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, in the weekend. The menu may not be very fancy, but it is very satisfying, and therefore a hit for all visitors.

Stay fit and healthy
You can’t play golf? no problem! There are early morning classes to attend to boost the metabolism, get a personal trainer not only to lose weight, but to help boost your motivation, or to improve your endurance and strength. There is no better setting than the fresh countryside air.

People of all ages can attend
It really doesn’t matter if you’re under 17 years old, or over 62, or in-between these two ages, because everybody is welcomed. Juniors and seniors get a discount compare to the full price paid by adults. You can play golf on a 9 or on an 18 holes course, and each course has different prices as well.

Attend one or more Banner Golf League tournaments
Getting a Banner Golf League membership grants access to all the events held in the season. Other benefits of this membership include a discount in the pro shop, scheduled cookouts, and the year end banquet.