Beaver Run Resort

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Beaver Run Resort (Colorado)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

If you need a nice place for an important conference then the Beaver Run Resort is the right place as it also offers relaxation and entertainment. This resort is best visited in winter for its snow covered slopes. Here are just 5 reasons we should go to Beaver Run Resort in Colorado.

Play tennis
Tennis is a sport for the mind and the body and people of all ages enjoy playing it. The only downside is that the tennis court is not covered, so playing depends on the weather. Summer is perfect for this sport.

Enjoy the hot tub
Even if you don’t like snow nor tennis, you might like soaking in some nice hot water. The Beaver Run Resort has a hot tub big enough to fit 20 people, though there are other 5 smaller ones available as well. All of them are accessible year round. They offer the perfect means to relax after a stressful meeting.

Get married
You might not have a wedding in mind right now,  nor anytime soon, but at least you have a nice spot where you could get married. The resort has 3 spots available for a wedding ceremony site. Two of them can accommodate up to 125 guests and the 3rd one only up to 75 guests. There are several ballrooms available for a party.

Hold a meeting
It doesn’t have to be a meeting, but a conference as well. There are many rooms and ballrooms available for any type of important meeting and conference. You can surely find the perfect room for your event based on how much space you need.

Ride the hot air balloon
There are not enough places where you can enjoy such a ride. You’ll get a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains, thus making the ride a memorable experience.