Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs (Colorado)

  • By Mike K
  • Resorts
  • 06.06.2016

The Native Americans of the Ute tribe were the first ones to use the hot springs found in Ouray, CO. These hot springs have been commercially used since 1925, but the best part is relaxing in a natural hot tub with a dream-like landscape for a view, out in the open.

Spend your honeymoon here
The views and the hot springs are more than enough reasons to come to the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs. The honeymoon suite has a King size bed, balcony, and a tub made of marble and surrounded by mirrors.

Take a tour at the mines
The Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour is the perfect one to check out if you want to go 2000 feet under the ground, see how mining tools were used 2 centuries ago using only candle lights. You’re allowed to pan for gold and even take a fleck home. You might want to stay away if you’re claustrophobic, though.

Winter ice climbing
Ice climbing sounds dangerous, but Ouray seems the best place to be at if you want to test your skills and nerves. You can just watch others climbing on ice if you don’t dare do it yourself. Your kids can even take ice climbing lessons if they want.

Wildlife viewing
This activity is available year round for those interested. Among the animals you can spot around the lodge are the elk and deer at all times, black bears in autumn, bighorn sheep usually in winter, and even a ptarmigan. There are plenty of birds to be seen as well.

Be Green
Since the resort has natural hot springs available, the hot water is used for many purposes: laundry, heating, and bathing. The lodge also invested in adequate technology to allow it to use natural gas from the hot springs. The used cleaning products have minimal impact on the environment. You will only help the lodge to become more green by coming here.