Where to sip your way through the flight

Unless you have some sort of interdiction to drink alcohol, you might want a cocktail or two while you fly. As long as you don’t over drink you might be able to relax enough to sleep n a long haul flight. We have some tips for you to help you get exactly what you want.

It is perhaps cheaper to drink in the airport than on the plane, especially if you fly economy. First class fliers might have access to unlimited number of drinks per flight, and they could risk getting drunk – something to avoid just in case something happens to the plane. Should you drink in the airport, you must also be careful not to get drunk: you could get arrested.

Learn what airlines offer and where
If you want to have some alcohol, you should probably know that not all airlines will offer the same variety of spirits. For instance, most will not offer tequila. What’s more is that it is possible that while you might find the same cocktails on the menu, they will not always taste the same – just like in any other location. Reading what other travelers have to say about this or that lounge and the bartender and you will have better chances at enjoying a nice drink before you depart.

Which airline offers what
Southwest, Spirit Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines, all offer Tanqueray for those flying economy. This means you can drink a decent gin and tonic. You might be better off avoiding Frontier Airlines if you don’t like Bloody Mary’s as this is the only decent alcoholic drink to order on board. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue can offer their first class passengers some nice beer in addition to several types of stronger spirits.

Learn the recipes for some cocktails
If you fly coach class but you really wish you had a Gin Rickey, better know what to order to make it yourself. This is especially true for budget airlines that might have alcohol on board, but no bartenders. Who know, you might even spark new friendships with other passengers who would also like a sip of what you’re having. They’ll clearly not taste the same as at your favorite bar, but it will make you feel more classy and could relax more.

Don’t order wine
It might be better not to order wine because it will not taste good. What’s more, your taste buds will not feel what the food taste like, like like on the ground. Very high up in the air everything will feel slightly more bitter. Not only the wine will not taste good, but you won’t even receive the best or a decent wine, but most likely one of the worst possible.

Whatever you do, try not to blame the flight attendants if what you want to drink is not available as they’re not the ones deciding what gets stocked and what not – they just obey orders. We hope this article was of some sort of help for the next time you’ll be flying.