If you are wondering which are the top 10 places to visit in Abilene, read on. This city has a lot of things to do and see that you can take advantage of.

Abilene Zoo
If you love animals and want to be around them when possible, take the time to visit Abilene Zoo. This zoo is the home to numerous species of animals, and the cozy location makes it the right choice for a family trip. In addition to this, there are several events that take place here, so consider reading the schedule beforehand.

Paramount Theatre
If you are in the mood to go to the movies, check out the cool Paramount Theatre. Here you can spend an evening out with your family enjoying the best movies in a casual setting. The theater is open everyday, so remember to check it out.

Fort Phantom Hill
If you want to learn some history about Abilene, then don’t miss out on seeing Fort Phantom Hill. The Hill is not only an important attraction, but also a beautiful place to take pictures of.

12th Armored Museum
If you want to learn more about the rich history of this city, make sure to make a trip to the 12th Armored Museum. The museum features an impressive collection that will take your breath away. It is also a great destination for a family outing.

National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature
If you are interested in children’s literature, all you have to do is visit this awesome museum. The price is affordable, and the museum features a great selection of literature from all over the world.

The Grace Museum
The Grace Museum is the perfect spot for any lover of art. The Museum features artistic paintings of any type, but is also the place where exhibits are shown on a constant basis.

Winery at willow creek
If you want to visit a winery and get a taste of the different varieties of wine, make sure to check out Winery at willow creek. This spot is open for tours as well, as makes a great location for a romantic holiday.

Grace Cultural Center
The Cultural Center is the place where art in the city is being sown to the public. The venue also hosts music events and other performances on a constant basis, and for all tourists to enjoy.

Abilene Children’s Museum
The Children’s Museum in Abilene is targeted towards smaller children, so it is the perfect spot if they are with you on a vacation. The museum is considered to be a historical attraction of Abilene, so make sure to visit when you are in town.

Discovery Center
Maybe you visit Abilene with your family, and in such a case your little ones will need to keep entertained. One of the best places to visit is the city’s Discovery Center, where your kids can have fun but also engage in education programs. The Discovery Center is the right place for older children, but also the younger ones.