Maybe you want to visit Berkeley sometime in the future, so check out which are the best places to visit in this city. Berkeley has a rich history, and there are many things you might enjoy seeing.


U.C. Berkeley

The 1914 built university makes for a great place to visit if you are in town. Here many famous people studied, and the university also includes a beautiful outdoor area. Plus, you will get the chance to browse through the numerous books available at the library,


Gourmet Ghetto

This famous pastry shop is considered to be one of the most famous in the entire state, and also one attraction you must check out while you are here. However, be prepared to wait in a long line as the pastry shop is very popular.


Berkeley City Club

If you are interested in musical and theatre performances, check out this cool club. You will be able to enjoy the best performances here, and maybe have some fun with your friends.


Lawrence Hall of Science

If you are interested in space and planets, the Lawrence Hall of Science is the perfect place to visit. The Hall of Science offers many temporary and seasonal exhibits related to space and science, and makes the perfect destination for a family trip.


Tilden Park

Maybe you want to enjoy a nice walk in the park, so don’t forget to check out the Tilden Park. The park makes a perfect destination for a picnic with your family, but also birdwatching or reading a book. The park also includes a beautiful vintage carousel.


Botanical Garden

Don’t leave Berkeley with at least one trip to the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is the spot where the best plants and flowers are being displayed, and you can enjoy a quiet morning with your family.


Telegraph Avenue

This area of the city is ideal for whenever you want to see where the students hang out. The area is packed with shops, restaurants, and cool things to do. Many events are also taking place here, but you can also enjoy a good dose of shopping with your friends.


Claremont Hotel

The 1915 built hotel is a famous attraction in the city, and you can get to see it with your own eyes during your trip. The Hotel overlooks the San Fran Bay and provides an amazing scenery. If you want to stay here, you should know the Hotel is very luxurious.


Berkeley Marina

If you visit Berkeley, don’t forget to check out the Marina. The Marina is one of the best places in town,and tells a story about the city’s history. In addition to that, you can eat and relax here but also take pictures of the boats.


Berkeley Rose Garden

The Rose Garden features over 3000 roses in an amazing atmosphere. The Rose Garden is a romantic place that you can check out on a romantic holiday. Wedding receptions are allowed here, so surprise your fiance with something unique and unforgettable.