Placed at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Rancho Cucamonga is a suburban city with an intimate history of winemaking. Its name derives from the Kukamonga Natives, its first inhabitants, and means sandy place. Chosen as one of the “Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine, these are just 10 places to visit in Rancho Cucamonga:


Cucamonga Peak

Visible from everywhere in the city, the Cucamonga Peak rises at 8,859 ft. (2700 m). The 11.6 mi (18.7 Km) trail is a strenuous route. It offers a magnificent view of the city and surroundings, and a well forested and full of adventures path.


Joseph Filippi Winery

As part of the intimate traditions of the city, the winery offers its visitors a close look to the winemaking process from the grape to the tasting. A five-generation place will welcome you into their range to show you the best of what they have.


The Pacific Electric Trail

The 21-mile (34 Km) corridor connects five cities including Rancho Cucamonga. This corridor is a perfect scenario for bikers, joggers, walkers, or horse riders to exercise and enjoy from the view of the cities.


Etiwanda Falls

A heavily trafficked 3.4 mi (5.5 Km) trail gains a 790 ft. (241 m) altitude. The path is open all year round and for suggested for all level hikers. It is a beautiful spot for bird sightseeing and for enjoying from the energy of the waterfalls.


Chinatown House

Built in 1919, the house served as home for a community of 50 Chinese American laborers who were crucial in the building of railroads. The last standing piece of the connection of these country contributors is a city landmark that advocates for a much needed intervention.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

A relic and very alive link to the Mexican agricultural laborers that came to the city, the church was established in 1905. Currently the place offers masses and prayers groups and serves as a link to the multicultural foundation of the city.


Epicenter Sports Complex

The beautiful 52-acre (21 ha) hub is a host for innumerable sports and entertaining events. From concerts, to baseball games, to festivals the place will offer a wonderful time for audiences of all tastes.


John Rains House National

This historic house museum built in 1861, used to be the house of John Rains, prominent businessman who opened the first winery in California. Featuring a brick house with its own cooling system due to sending creek water under the house, it is a historic landmark.


Sapphire Falls

The 4.6 miles path is a heavily transited trail due to its hiking friendly level and beautiful sightseeing. Due to high fire danger, and probably to the trespassing and graffiti of some visitors, the path is closed since 2013, and will remain so until April 2017. However if reopen this is a place worth seeing.


The Archibald Library

This public library was the first municipal library in the city and a cozy center for knowledge sharing. With over 140,000 items, the hub is an active member of the community.