Located at the bank of the Big Sioux River the city takes its name from the falls of the Big Sioux River. With a great Native history, and a fast growing economy; these are the top 10 places to visit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:


Falls Park

This 123-acre (50 ha) public park located at the north of the city, offers a magnificent view over the falls of the Big Sioux River. A place with a powerful lure that in the past attracted many native tribes and European conquerors, keeps mesmerizing visitors that can also enjoy the view from the observation tower, visit the 1881 Queen Bee Mill or enjoy from a coffee at the Falls Overlook Café.


Saint Joseph Cathedral

First built as a wooden building in 1881, the current cathedral was finished on 1919, and has undergone some restorations in the following years. With a renaissance revival architectural style the catholic place is also wonderful architectural piece.


Sculpture Walk

This outdoors exhibition takes place all year round and portrays the sculptural art of artist in the city. Held downtown, the exciting event invites visitor to let themselves be touched by the exquisite art of the city.


Northern Plains Indian Art Market

Established in 1988 it has become a national referent in showcasing North American Indian art. Over 800 artists from the 7 of the 23 tribes recognized as Northern Plains, share with the visitors their own history and perspective through their pieces.


The Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Festival

The three-day outdoor summer event offers the best of blues and jazz to the music lover visitors. In an environment of great food and good street art, visitors are encouraged to enjoy from the best of the Jazz and Blues scene.


Great Plains Zoo

A 45-acre (18 ha) park is home for over 1,000 animals from all over the world. Offering a close up to animals such as giraffes, tigers, rhinos, and primates; the zoo offers all year round a possibility for visitors to get close, and feel the energy of this amazing animals.


Great Bear Park

This 4-mile (6 Km) trail system offers a great option for those who are just starting skiing. The trails are still open in summer, and though with no snow, they are still of amazing natural beauty.


Downtown Riverfest

This live music festival receives around 20,000 visitors. With genres such as folk, funk, R&B and soul, the event showcases local and regional talent in a magnificent scenario a branch of the Big Sioux River.


Washington Pavilion

The region’s main cultural hub, it is a place where visual arts exhibits, performing arts and science events take place on a constant basis. With a wide variety of options to choose from visitors will be delighted to assist to any of the events the Pavilion has to offer.


Lake Irvine

The artificially made Lake, located at the south east of Sioux Falls city, offers its visitors water recreational options like swimming, and boating. In addition, the 105-acre (42 ha) lake has great beaches for enjoying the sun and a leisure day.