Located over the north bank of the Columbia River, and north of Portland, this is a USA city situated at the southeastern area of the Washington State. Sharing the name with Vancouver, Canada, both were named after sea captain George Vancouver; Vancouver USA 60 years earlier. A city of history, arts and a close relationship to the Columbia River, these are the top places to visit in Vancouver, Washington:


Waterfront Renaissance Trail

This 5-mile (8 Km) paved trail is overlooking the Columbia River and a perfect spot for walking, jogging, running, biking or skating. Besides the wonderful view and the energy of the river, there are shops, restaurants, and even great places for picnics that visitors can enjoy along their way.


Clark County Historical Museum

The museum is located in a 1909 Carnegie Library. The museum is committed to cultural history of the Clark County (county where Vancouver, WA is located), and that of the Pacific Northwest.


Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

This national historic site, located along the Washington and Oregon states, was an important fort in the 19th century, where fur trading was major. The park offers an overview of the main historic features of the place, and even the possibility to get to know it at night to reconstruct history.


Pearson Air Museum and Field

The museum located at the Pearson Field is an aviation museum that depicts the history of aviation in the Pacific Northwest. The museum shares the civilian beginnings of the airfield, and the historical transformation due to World War I.


Confluence Project

These outdoors art installations are located in parks over the Columbia River in the Washington and Oregon states. A collaborative work among Northwest communities, tribes and artists, the artworks explores the history, culture and ecology of the River, and aims to shape its future.


Lewis & Clark State Park

Situated near the mouth of the Sandy River, a branch that comes out of the Columbia, it is a 621-acre (251 ha) park where visitors can hike, and have a leisure day. Named after legendary explorers on 1805, it is the perfect place for a picnic day.


Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater

‘Proto’ as in former cathedral, this Catholic church was designated as cathedral in 1850. However, reverted when the present St. James Cathedral opened in Seattle in 1907. The building was finished in 1885 and is part of the historical heritage of the Washington State.


Salmon Creek Greenway Trail

The 3-mile (4.8 Km) paved trail offers a beautiful natural scenery along Salmon Creek and the possibility of sightseeing deer, rabbits, raccoons, beavers, opossums and coyotes.


Columbia River Interstate Bridge

This interstate bridge connects the Washington and Oregon states. The pair of vertically-lift steels was finished in 1915, with a length of 0.6 mi (about 1078 m), the bridge has a beautiful sight over the river and is a national historic place.


Vancouver Arts District

This cluster of galleries, performing arts groups, and public arts is located downtown of Vancouver. It offers city visitors the possibility to interact with the local conversations and point of view on art.