Maybe you are searching for a new vacation spot, and Yonkers could be just what you need. Read on in order to find out more about the places to see in this city.


Untermyer Park

This historical park is a main tourist attraction in Yonkers, so take the time to explore it and watch the amazing monuments located here. The 43 acre park also includes benches, picnic tables and playgrounds. This makes is an amazing destination for a Sunday morning.


Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site

Yonkers is rich in historical sites, and you may not have the time to see them all. The Philipse Manor Hall museum is the oldest building in the area, and visited yearly by millions of people. The mansion is open for tours every single day.


Tibbetts Brook Park

The park was open in 1927, and is nowadays considered one of the city’s main attractions. Take the time to see and take pictures of the amazing fountains, enjoy the atmosphere and read a book. The park is open at any hour of the day, so check it out whenever you need some fresh air.


Yonkers Raceway

If you are in the mood for a night out, check out this modern casino. The atmosphere is electric, and you can play some of your favorite games or maybe discover new ones you might enjoy.


Science Barge

Maybe you enjoy science, so check out Science Barge for a different kind of experience. Science barge was open back in 2008 and makes an interesting attraction for anyone who has a passion for green living.


Hudson River Museum

Do you want to watch the stars at night? Head over to the Planetarium for the chance to see the most beautiful stars and planets with your own eyes. In addition to this, the museum also hosts varied exhibits related to space.


Westchester’s Ridge Hill

Enjoy some shopping with a trip to the Westchester’s Ridge Hill. The mall offers anything you could think of, starting with clothing and ending with antiques. Furthermore, the shopping centers also provides cafes and a huge cinema where the best movies are screened every day.


Van der Donck Park

This beautiful park is located by the river, and makes for a wonderful spot for a private party. If you haven’t found that perfect party location yet, this park is just what you need.


Lenoir Preserve

The natural preserve is an ideal place for any animal lover. Take some hours off your day to see the birds, animals, and enjoy the nature. There are numerous species of exotic birds that reside here, so your kids will also enjoy the trip.


Tibbetts Brook Park

This park might not be big, however it offers all the entertainment options you could need during your trip. Tibbetts Brook Park offers beach chairs where you can lay in the sun and read a book, or maybe work on your tan. If you are worried about the park getting crowded on weekends, you will be surprised by the relaxed atmosphere.