Strawberry Park Resort

The Strawberry Park bears the name of one popular fruit, especially when covered in chocolate. It might be difficult to pick strawberries here, therefore here are some 5 reasons we should go to Strawberry Park Resort in Connecticut.

You can bring your pet
There are only 2 locations in the park that do not allow pets, perfect for those with allergies. You can bring no more than 2 dogs, let them run free in designated areas, meet new dogs, and walk them throughout the park.

Attend one of the special events held in the weekend
The park hosts each weekend a special type of event. Each event is different from the previous, therefore you need to check the schedule to see what is going to happen. Surely not all events are for everyone, but trying out something new is always fun. Sometimes a music festival is also hosted.

No resort is fun without a pool to swim in. This resort has 3 large swimming pools that await all water enthusiasts. Those who come here for summer vacation have the possibility to play pool basketball after they form teams. Swimming races also take place for those who are camping.

Play Bingo
There specific days when Bingo games take place and you should check ahead of time, and even call before attending. It is important to know that the dates can change. The Bingo season lasts since May through October. Bingo is conducted in accordance to the state laws regarding Bingo.

Get a massage
Who doesn’t like to relax to the last bone? A massage takes care of this and more. Of course you have to make an appointment first, especially for the weekdays. For a massage in the weekend all you have to do is to fill in a formulaire found at the front desk.