Sunrise Resort

There is nothing more pleasant in summer than having a short getaway at some resort or a summer camp. The one known as Sunrise Resort sadly no longer exists, but a public park now took its place, under the name Sunrise State Park. It took several months to ensure the location is safe, and these are now some 5 reasons we should go to Sunrise Resort in Connecticut.

Hiking is known to get a person tired indeed, but at the same time the person will feel full of positive energies and ready to face less pleasant life activities. Since the park only opened recently, it is up to the visitors to discover the trails.

Horseback riding
Hiking is surely not meant for everyone, therefore if you like horses, why don’t you ride one through this park? Beautiful scenery is waiting for you to explore it while the fresh air will surely clear your head.

Canoeing and kayaking
Extreme sports lovers will surely be delighted to know they can enjoy at least these 2 water sports in this former resort. The Salmon River is almost pristine and is waiting for anyone enjoying canoeing and kayaking.

While Sunrise Resort no longer exists, camping in this state park is possible. This location is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, or for a couple to have a simple yet romantic weekend getaway. You might have to call ahead for availability.

Wildlife viewing
What is a park without some wildlife? If you’re lucky enough you might be able to spot a few endangered species as well as a few with a special concern. You will probably have many opportunities to see trout and salmon in the river because this is a top trout stream as well as a federal Atlantic salmon restoration site.