Travel information

These days it’s imperative to be able to have access to reliable travel information at a moment’s notice as time is, more often than not, money. Sitting at the airport twiddling your thumbs waiting for a flight when you could be doing some work or spending more time with the family at home is never fun.
United Continental through their website has one of the most comprehensive, informative and detailed travel information sections around. The travel information section not only gives you the usual flight status as but also has a whole host of other features that will come in handy and help you make that checklist so that you have a smooth flight and a fantastic holiday or business trip.
A baggage information section gives you all the details you need about carry on baggage rules and regulations, checked baggage and what you need to do and the procedure to follow if you’re checking in luggage so that you don’t face any delays. If you’re travelling with animals than one has to follow certain rules and regulations regarding in cabin pets that will make travelling with man’s best friend a whole lot easier. Moreover with detailed information on kennel facilities at airports, you can rest assured that United Continental will help handle new animal safely and securely and deliver him or her to their destination.
There is also a detailed airport information section that provides maps of airport terminals so you can get your gate or the check-in counter quickly and efficiently and it also points out where the United Club lounges are as well is providing some other key information. For example, will be able to tell you processing times at airports so that you can plan ahead, documentation requirements to help you keep all your papers and check, passport and visa requirements as well as health information.
We all know how annoying it is to get to the airport and find that you’ve left it either too late and have to rush through security without having time to pop into the duty-free, or you’ve overcompensated and you have to sit in the departure lounge for what seems like an age. The travel information at’s website is specifically there for customers to be able to plan ahead and not have to face delays, and be aware of cancellations due to a whole host of reasons.
Moreover if you’re travelling with the family, the website will give you details of the aircraft that you’re travelling on so planning on where you all will sit has been made simple and easy. There are also sections that are dedicated to in-flight services, for example shopping and entertainment, dining and connectivity.
United Continental pays special care to its customers with special travel needs and the travel information section will help you negotiate through how United can help make travel for customers with disabilities, children travelling alone, travelling with young infants, travelling during pregnancy as well is a special section for compassion (bereavement) fares for those who have lost a loved one.