hat To Ask Before You Book A Cruise

While it is possible to find great deals on cruises at certain times of the year, there are still several factors to consider. Taking the time to ask some questions in advance could help you to avoid any difficulties when the departure day arrives. For that reason, we are going to list 10 questions that should be mentioned before you even book the trip, so lets begin.

Question 1: Are there any type of discounts for those with large groups? Often times, the cruise lines, might include one free cruise fare, if there are going to be at least 10 or 16 travelers going at the same time. Inquiring also about either a onboard credit, or perhaps a free cocktail party for your entire group could be arranged when mentioned.

Question 2: Are there certain restrictions on the time, place and location to eat? If, you are told that you will have these limits, you will want to ensure to book your meals in advance. You must specify that you want your entire group to dine together, or it is possible that you could all be split up based on availability at the time.

Question 3: What type of specialty restaurants are on the cruise? Once you have the information, determine where you might want a dinner for two and book that reservation in advance. Furthermore, you will want to mention if there will be a additional surcharge added onto the meal itself.

Question 4: What type of dress code is required? Some cruises have a mixture of several different dress codes that they expect their guests to follow along with. You will want to ask about their formal nights, relaxed clothes, and even what type of dress code will be needed to attend the country club. Planning ahead for this could help to avoid embarrassment when it comes time to dress for your planned events.

Question 5: Do we need to bring any type of official IDs with us? While it is required to already have your passport with you at all times when your traveling on a cruise, some cruise lines also require additional documents. Ask this question early, especially if your needing a visa to get onto the cruise ship with. This will allow yourself and your guest traveling with you plenty of time to apply for these documents and get them back.